Lace Up Your Heart!

In, every season of life; lace up your heart. When, the day becomes another fall. In every stumble, as a brisk wind blows. It’s to let your heart know, you’re gonna be okay. Even if, the sun doesn’t shine. Spread your wings, and let your soul soar, into a new horizon. Even when, the day makes you feel like your heart’s trapped. In the middle, of a harsh wintery storm. A positive outlook, will surely keep the fire burning, deep within your soul. Whenever, your heart’s feeling the hurt. Just be still, and know; that in everything. There’s a beautiful song can be heard, speaking to your heart. If you have to, take baby steps. Crawl, walk, run; whatever you choose? Dust off your soul, and lace up your heart. Let the love for life, gird your worth. So you can start the day, with a new Spring in your step. Your soul, will surely see, this too shall pass. After the rain, May you come to see, you there’s a flower… beginning to bloom. In a season called change, there will be a Summertime. A time, to lace up your heart. At another dawn, it’s time to get ready, to let your heart shine. Though it races, through another season!


5 thoughts on “Lace Up Your Heart!

  1. Season after season, cycle as we go, it’s the love of God that keeps our heart racing. Beautifully expressed my friend ❤ The way you continually and uniquely find ways of writing about the greatest of love stories always inspires my heart and soul Warren 😊

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