The Remedy!

How sweet thy love, and how my heart does sicken. Knowing, breath has no meaning… without you. To be, or not to be? Yes, to be in thy presence; it’s the greatest remedy. To dwell, my soul does swell. With each sip, from the deepest well. When, the bell tolls. My heart, with another show and tell. How the breadth, thy love; became the sweetest remedy. The undeniable soup, healing for the soul. Love, the greatest medicine. One part heart, one part soul; that knows no bounds. Head and shoulders, above the rest… your love’s heavenly. Bound up, in thee; your love is the remedy. Day, and night, your love moves my heart… quietly. Hovers, in the shadows. Under, my every breath. Pace through my soul, to always be there.. for my heart. Just a spoon full of sugar, love in my cup. The cold in a heart, made well… with warmth. Thy love, quickens every heartbeat. Soothes the soul, with just a touch, with every taste. Into thy bosom, my soul makes haste. To find your comfort, and feel your peace, hovering in the silence. To be my breath, and every contemplative gaze, into your heart. Your love, will forever be, the perfect Remedy!


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