My breath, the beauty of your love; makes the soul, speechless. Though, my heart has words. Your love is the ink, released in the crimson flow. A silent river, knowing depth in an ocean. A thousand league, how deep the love. The mission, to know Your heart, fathom the depth. In the silence, breathless will be the allure, for a love so real. A soul, living speechless, in the midst of every see. Not with eyes, but a heart wide open. Being captivated, by the beauty, the awe, the wonder. Let Your love, be the breadth, in my lungs. A heart, trying to express through speech. What, gets lost in words. Love, will never get tongue tied. When, it’s the heart that speaks. The love, filling every void. In stillness, under the quiet; between every breath. A heart, resting in the love. A soul, tethered to the lifeline. The love, and forever. A heart, finding the words; that just leaves my soul, Speechless!


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