The Fog!

Even if, the day became the foggiest. I would still, see your heart. Would still, know your love. More than a feeling, so profound every touch. Your love, takes my breath, and holds my heart. Through the darkness, in the stillness. Beyond all the shadows, my heart could always, find Your love. It’s the presence, so close to my heart. What, could there truly be to fear? The breadth, hovers. The love, covers. My soul, knows how to be still. Listening, for each gentle whisper. That will, surely touch my heart. In the foggy moments, your love becomes the misty droplets. Breathlessly, suspended in the corner of my eyes. When, the water is crashing. Your love is the presence, hovering in the midst. A love, that won’t ever let the love become. Two hearts, passing by in the night. Pass me not, oh gentle heart. Let your love, forever move my heart. In the fog, love is the lighthouse. The constant light, shining through the heart. The truest beacon of hope, beaming the brightest; to take you by the heart. To guide my soul, through the darkest moments. Your love, has a hold of my heart. It’s the air I breathe, visible to my soul. Through every, invisible breath the love takes. Your love, is my heartbeat. Resoundingly moving, through every momentary fog. Sometimes, I’m troubled by the fog; but my heart, will never struggle to see the love… through it all. Moving, closer. Dissipating the fog, from fogging up the window, to my soul. Into me, no doubt… you see. Traveling, through the fog of love’s journey. My heart, can’t help being lost… for words. For life, is but a vapor; for the journeying soul. But, your love, forever… overwhelming. When the day, seems the foggiest. I know your love, has me by the heart!


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