The Cross Word!

Don’t, let your soul be puzzled. In every season, there’s a script; to help guide your heart. With love, the spell-bound… with grace. To become, a heart changed, a soul enlightened. By the deep love, by the breadth. Place your faith, to find hope, to find peace. For all the winding, days to come. Find, comfort in the word; but let your heart, seek the meaning. In the darkness, love shines the brightest. So, let your heart be a light, shining in darkened moments. Set the scene, share the good news. In the unseen, love is a presence that hovers… in plain sight. Love, not just about a feeling, but the knowing; love is forever. Real love, starts with an understanding, to become the comprehend. The heart unveiled, to see love is not just something; it’s everything. But only when, your heart truly believes it. Don’t just tick a box, show your heart. Don’t let, love just cross your mind. Let it, become your heart. The power of love, resting on your soul. Every day, search the word. Cross your heart, and hope. The cross, a word with saving power. A faithful follower, in the heart… of a true believer!

Love, a word so many hearts ponder; but yet, the soul missing the true wonder. Love, more than just a feeling; beyond just a touch. It’s meant to be part of everything, that’s truly meaningful. During, love’s journey; the heart, will surely find a crossroad. The choice, that can become a dilemma. The love hidden, by the warm, but sometimes fuzzy. Love, never meant to become hide and seek. The proverbial riddle, leaving the heart twisted up in knots. The word search, that wasn’t first a heart check, with a profound love search. To find out, what truly makes the love real. Love, not meant to be seen, through a cross-eyed lens. But, for the recipient to clearly see, your heart. In love, don’t make it about the looking, but not seeking… the truth. It’s not always easy, finding all the words. That makes the love, be seen as a heart with a true expression. But to seek, is to forever find. If you reveal your heart, the love within will express, what words don’t always capture. Keeping your heart vertical, will show a new horizon. Ask, Seek, but when the Knock is felt; open your heart. To let love, not become the hidden word. Don’t let, your love be a See, Saw. The ups and downs, took all the joy. When the day, puzzles the mind. A renewed purpose is found, when you leave your heart, at the foot of the cross. When your heart is happy, and you truly know it; show it… Love, not only what your eyes can believe, but in what, your heart will truly trust!


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