The Elasticity!

The Elasticity!

Your love, profoundly tugs on my heartstrings. Does this mean, my heart is tethered to your love? The love, keeps pulling me closer to your heart. Does this mean, You have a profound hold on my soul? Your love, just won’t let me go. Does this mean, I’m forever held? If my heart, begins to stray. There’s only so far, my soul can go. Before the gentle tug of your love, brings me right back to your heart. Even if, my heart wanted to break free. My soul would say no, not today, maybe never. The bond won’t ever break, every breath forever held; exhaled at forevermore. If truth be told, breaking ties that bind. Would never change the pull, your love has on my soul. Flexible, how my heart needs to truly be. Held tight, how love gives my soul. The elasticity to freely feel, how much the breadth of love can increase; and to what length love will go, to always keep you near? Excess love, why my heart, won’t put up any resistance. Be fully stretched, by the overwhelming love. The endless embrace, by love so strong. Your love is the strand, that binds my heart to Yours. A love encompassed, to such a degree. Making the elasticity within, be more adaptable, to the changing times. The resistance to love becomes futile, for an elastic heart, that keeps coming back. The one, that voluntarily gave to You, my soul to hold. In the moonlight, under every starry night. I’m wrapped up in your heart, entangled within your love. How the Elasticity, tethers my heart and soul; to an everlasting love! Aug 30, 2021


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