Every day, your love; new-be-on my mind, and in my heart. The impress, the love in pressed, deep within my soul. Though, we’ve never seen the Nile. This true love, walks the miles… together. The river of our love, water flowing for the longest… breathlessly. You are, my deep river woman. Your love, an endless bloom. The hue, captured in a perennial flower. The fragrance, divulged the essence in your heart. My butterflies, your love chased. Love likened to a symphony, serenades like a melody, sweetly holding you. The soul, singing a love ballad… breathlessly. The heart, captured in the moment. Every verse, telling the timeless love story. Nubian, your heart is a precious jewel. Angle of mine, your love shines… radiantly. When my heart, has something to say. Words, they don’t get in the way. Even, when I’m losing my breath. Let my love pamper, the sappiness in my heart, mixed with your endless love. Passion the fruit, in a crimson light. In a heart, created to showcase in you, a Divine presence. Love crowns your heart, the breadth bares the portrait of royalty. Beauty poised by grace, leaves a lasting taste. My Wife, my Love, my Queen. Happy Birthday, I celebrate you. You, turned sixteen… again!


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