It’s Got To Be You!

It’s got to be you, your love calling my name. Whispering sweet nothings, into my soul. In your love, there’s nothing missing. Nothing to ever, leave my heart broken. Every day, somehow my soul knows; it would truly be you. My everything, be everything; my heart would need. You must be, a special love. You must be, a deep river. You must be, what makes my heart excited. You must be, the ocean, my soul needs to deeply fathom. You’ve gotta be, what makes my gray skies blue. Just you, it just got to be. In the cool of the day, my heart feels warmth, hovering in the shadows. It’s definitely you, fixating my heart. Holding my gaze, to your starry light. You must be, what made my sun shine. Clustered, my heart and soul. Made it tremble, within breadth. Twinkle breathlessly, in the moonlight. Your love, cast my light. Made it reflect, love with a deep crimson hue. Your presence, must be heaven, smiling down on me. It’s absolutely you, that took my breath. Stole my heart, captured my imagination. It’s you, that makes my heart sing, a touching love ballad. And it sounds like, a symphony. A melody, playing endlessly. Even if, all hearts think it strange. My soul, knows but true, never the same. Every shift, it’s Suddenly, Spontaneously, Continuously. All the love, my heart will ever need; It’s Got to be You!


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