The Love, in You!

I’m, not always strong. But, the strength of my love. Will always be enough, to hold your love, close to my heart. What you need, what my heart will always be. Faithful to the end, of every breath. Thirty five years, two heartbeats, living with one distinct sound; love, always, forever. An example, of what happens when. Your breath divinely held, by love’s tender whispers. For when, love cuts the deepest. In the trenches, the battles lovingly fought, on our knees. Not to see, the change in you. But in me, be another profound change; by love’s undying breadth. The surrender, begets no retreat. Into a shadow, of what love’s supposed to be. The tether, the woman in you, needing the man in me. Be a gentle soul, you can still lay hopes, on the man in dreams. The love, holding us tenderly, with endless devotion. The warmth, likened to a breath of fresh air. The gentle touch, that says so much. The love, taking us by the heart, to beautiful places. Our hearts, being the canvas, in a love painted portrait. The storybook, telling the tale, breathless. If walls could talk, they would surely tell all the secrets. What my soul said, with my eyes fast asleep. But my heart awake, breathing deeply felt words of love. Through the night, to the enlightened moment. In love, awakens more and more, through the years. Every day, the vows renewed; I do, love you. Poured out, with the fragrance of heaven. The true meaning, the love in you, knowing the love in me, intimately!


26 thoughts on “The Love, in You!

      1. Wow!!!!! I feel the love. It’s beautiful and especially as you write like it’s a new love. 35-years-new. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for letting us into your blessing. Cheers, Dee

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  1. How beautiful yours and your wife’s love story is! 35 years of wedded bliss.
    The line, ‘ I’m, not always strong. But, the strength of my love. Will always be enough, to hold your love, close to my heart,’ says much about what a woman wants from her husband. Just to be there with love in their heart. To carry everything of concern to their knees. This, my friend, is a very great strength – to carry everything to God in prayer, holding wife and children up to God. What a legacy you both will leave some day. 💜

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  2. “What my soul said, with my eyes fast asleep.” This is just one of the perfect lines you penned here! Love felt straight to the soul. Congrats to you and your love! 35 years of sharing a God-given covenant between each other. Priceless! 💜

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