My Greatest Joy!

Is there, something different, about me? Has your love, made a noticeable change, in me? Is there anything, that can come between; your love, my heart? Can everyone, hear when every heartbeat; plays our love ballad, endless love? Oh, how I love you. My soul, boast a beautiful smile. Dancing, heart to heart, with your presence. In your love, I place my heart, to find my soul… drowning. Knowing your love, it’s my deepest joy. Every day, every night, every time. You do it again, so gracefully, take my breath. When, the days are darkened. Nothing, can eclipse your heart. In the moonlight, with every starry gaze. It’s a glimpse, into heaven. My shining star, my breathless love. My clustered breath, overwhelms, heart and soul. The breadth of it all, there’s no greater joy. You’re, my First love, my Greatest gift, my heart. In the darkness, your love guides my light. My heart, you hold. My soul, you have. Secured, anchored to your endearing love. Through the hurricane, you’re my fortress, where I find my refuge. The hiding place, a shelter for my soul. I adore, being in your presence. Seeing, your love in me, and mine in thine. In the wake, my breath, again you take. My heart, will Never lose sight. You are, the true love, my soul still longs for. You are, My Greatest Joy. The love, in You; at the center of it all!


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