Every day, I’m going to love You. Absolutely, with every breath I get. Today, the only day my heart knows, will be. Tomorrow’s wake, another today; to be absolute. Every exhaled breath, through my expanding lungs. Absolutely, to love, I give every breath. A heart exposed, soaring on the wings of a dove. My love, giving high praise. The soul, taken by breadth of love. Beyond the moonlight, and back again, to the heavenly. Love power, in you absolute. Heart and soul, given absolutely. To live, to breathe. Being absolutely breathless, in love’s gentle embrace. No fears, being vulnerable in love. The heart, free to give absolute control. For the soul to find, in love’s freedom, you’ve found absolute strength. So hidden opportunities, don’t become missed moments. To know, your heart touched absolutely, by love’s amazing presence. The best part, of waking up. Absolute love deepens, absolutely. The clouds loosen, the tears falling, your cup overflowing. You breathe easy, love has you absolutely. If, love needs to hear, every heartbeat says; will my heart, be yours forever? May my soul, resonate profoundly; Absolutely! No rhyme, love the reason. Breathe out, my absolute last, breath to love!


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