The Tailored Heart!

Dressed to impress, will never show, what’s in the heart. The texture within, the fabric of your soul. Tailor made, may show well put together. Your heart on your sleeve, do you wear it well? Rags to riches, every heart has a story. But, do you have a heartfelt love story, to leave a heart speechless. Love, let it show, so a heart can tell, if it’s tailor made. Love, not only about what you can see, but the love you can truly feel. Heart to heart, two souls in love forever. Tethered, by a loving trust, anchored by the deepest love. Tailored, by the needed commitment, treaded by the truest love. It’s not about, what suits the moment, but what changes the heart. Real love, has the power to profoundly alter, the essence within. The bond, becoming even stronger. When, you’ve tailored your heart, after the right kind of love!


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