I Will Be!

The strands in your heart, keeps my soul tethered, to your endearing love. The colorful moments in love, paints our hearts in a graceful light, revealing the beautiful nuances of love. Profound love is a display, the portrait hanging on our heart. The deepest meaning, love’s heartfelt ambiance, captured in the mosaic beauty. From the moment, love made itself known, whispers penetrated my soul. Love persuading my soul, don’t be better, when love grows older, but be everything; love makes the heart able. Love, takes the soul to a better place, if the heart willing. Love is living proof, actions speak, when words are hard to find. Even when, voices in the wind, tried to tell my heart, we didn’t belong together. But, they couldn’t have known, my soul, knew chasing after the wind, was meaningless. Empty words, could never sway a heart, destined to be one, with forever. I don’t, desire to dress up my heart. I rather bare my soul, let everyone see, what love is. Love faces heartache, will test time, but not meant to counter; just encounter love’s breathtaking nature. Faith propels belief, compels hope; guide dreams. My soul, doesn’t need a special day, my heart a hallmark moment, for my love to be the enduring expression. Daily, her love elevates me, to celebrate my boo, share my heart too, give my love true. If love, doesn’t soar to new heights, want to fathom depth, how can the heart, know the breadth? Love asked of me, to let this be my confidence. If my soul is sincere, my heart always there, love will be dear, till the end of time. A heart tangled up, a soul held breathless, in strands of love. A loving shoulder, a strong presence, a gentle spirit; faithful love. Whatever her heart and soul needs, I’ll be!

Sunday May 28th, will be our 35th wedding anniversary. With my wife being in the hospital, and though I will be there. This will be the first time, we won’t be able to celebrate it, on our terms. But I am grateful, that we are still able to celebrate it together!


Ain’t No way!

For me to love you, is my pleasure. For me to want you, for my heart to, need to breathlessly, watch your love bloom, become a beautiful flower. Ain’t no way, my heart would ever, let love wither. Ain’t no mountain, my love is not willing to climb. Ain’t no way, my love would ever leave you. When the heart falls, my love will be there, to catch your soul, be everything you need. Ain’t no way, I won’t, give all of me. My love got you, hold on to my heart. Fear is just a lie, running out of breath. Fear can never, overwhelm my heart, love is what makes my soul, breathless. Ain’t no way, I would ever abandon your heart. My heart is not ready and willing, to let you go. For better, in the worse of times, in sickness, in health. My vow is predicated, trust the foundation, truth the essence. They say, love is blind, but my love has always been deep. Blindness is a stigma, that could never stop this heart of mine, from seeing clearly. Ain’t no way, for my heart and soul, to love you any less. Love’s lessons learned, won’t become a display; if the heart isn’t in it, love. Ain’t no way, I can ever be, someone I’m not. Profound love, leaves the heart exposed. My faith and love, can never be lessened, by distance. A heart beats a mile, not to know minutes, but live in moments. Nothing my heart would face, could ever change my love; ain’t no way!


This I Promise!

If the vision, becomes unclear, through all the tears? This I promise, my love will be there, by your side. When your heart is hurting, here is where you belong; in my arms, and in my heart… forever. Your heart, will never need to hide, behind a painted smile. The portrait of love I see, will never fade, what my heart knows. Your love, is an angelic portrayal, of a Nubian Queen. No one, will ever know the beautiful place, reserved for your love. Where, I promised to have, and to hold, you within my soul. The roses are red, violet never sing the blues, and the love, takes your breath away. This I promise, forever will endlessly echo our love, until the end of time. How, can a heart keep from singing, when Always, becomes the love ballad. Many battles we’ve faced, two hearts as one, how in a lifetime the trust becomes, one heartbeat. The secret, in realizing a special love, lies within the truth of knowing, love’s intrinsic providence. When, love knows your name, the heart is given the words, the most beautiful heartfelt expressions. I promise you never, will I remiss, being the love you need. I don’t, believe in fairy tales, I believe in you and me. When, love is an endless tale, written on two hearts? Always and forever, will be the unbroken vow!


Song Inspired; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

Girl, from the moment we met, your love could never, hide from my heart. Could never avoid, drowning in the depth of my soul. You’ve placed it there, in trusted there to be, the safest place. No lock, no key needed. Your love has access, come search my open heart. One moment in time, I vowed, love my witness; you’ll never stand alone. My love will always be, where your heart needs it to be. Whenever, you need to be held. Hold out your love, take me by the heart. Hand in hand, heart to heart, let’s reminisce. I love this, if we don’t let time remiss, our love won’t digress. Into me see, the unyielding, texture of my love. And if, my heart makes the rain fall? Don’t despair, I will be right here, in the moment. To wipe the tears, cover you with my love. Shhh, there’s no need for words, your love is so close to my heart, it speaks to my soul. Even, when it seems I’m sleeping, I’m just resting in love. In the stillness, my heart is quieting, listening, waiting to exhale. My inspired hopes, realized through your dreams. On the cloudiest days, in the darkest moments. It will never be hard, for my heart, to see your worth. When the night falls, your love is a shining light, making my heart twinkle. Always, forever by you my love, free to be. Love teaches, profound love is learned. True love, has taught my heart much. Whatever, need will be required, my love will be near your heart, to become. I believe in love, I believe in you; you’ll never, stand alone!

Sweet lady, your heart is a delight. Your smile, the sunshine, in the moonlight, your beauty glows. My heart, refuses to let your love lose. But yet, we need direction, we still get lost in love. Every day, let your stroll through my mind, and search my heart. My love will be there, assuring your heart, you’ll never be alone. No other woman, has ever touched my heart, made me bare my soul. For you to feel loved, for you deserve love. I won’t let your heart, feel alone in this world. And if, you can’t find the strength inside, my love will be strong for you. Don’t ever, be scared to reach out your heart. My love will be there, you’re not alone. There will always be a home, in these arms of mine. I will never, let your heart go, let your love stand alone, in my deep river. My heart will be there, to help guide the way. Trees sway, but my heart will stay. Only swept away, by love and devotion. You’re an inspiration, my heart is not ready to let you go. In this life, in this heart of mine. True love, a perpetual bloom, a crimson love. The water falls, my love cascades, my heart concedes. Yes, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, till death, I pledged thee my heart. When time finds us breathless, my beloved bride, in my heart; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

This song inspired, in memory of Whitney Houston. Since 2018, I’ve taken a moment, to honor the heart. Take one of her songs, and write a post in her memory. Her life, August 9, 1963 to February 11, 2012. She had an incredible gift, but unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us, to NOT let the darkness, eclipse the enlightened way! You’ll never stand alone, released in 1998


Staying, in Love!

Falling in love, the heart-felt process. The heart races, hoping love doesn’t stumble. Love is about endurance, not the mind racing so fast. The breadth starts to withers, the soul becoming winded. Love is a journey, to forever. With the enlightenment, the understanding becomes clear. Love is anchored, by trust, and commitment. The heart, confirms the feeling, the soul, comprehends the meaning. To live for, to be in, to Stay; in love forever. When the mind questions, the heart needs to know the answer. To be, or not to be? Love, holds on to memories, the heart holds on to love, the soul holds on to forevermore. Some say, love needs to be everything, or nothing at all. But love says; if it’s true, love will undoubtedly be Everything, the story was meant to be. Love, an in-depth collaboration. The soul writes the story, so the heart can tell the tale. Love sets the ambiance, the heart feels the texture. How can love go wrong, when the key to Staying, is being faithful, with unconditional love!

Love, creates a beautiful picture, expressed through the soul, in a thousand words. Love lives for you, love breathes for you, love dreams for you; love gives to you. Love is nourished, love is relished, love is cherished. There’s no need, to make it hard, or complicated. Love is believing, love comes down to Staying. Whether your heart will, or whether you won’t. Love is, hearts in perpetual bloom. Life, too short to wake up, in a flowered bed, scented with love’s regret. Falling in love, it’s so easy to do. Staying in Love, therein lies, the true essence of love!


Hearts in Bloom!

When, love speaks with tulips, the heart, dances through meadows. The soul, speaks for it needs to, the love, reciprocated because it needs to. My May flower, her love, lavished within the reign. Love’s passion, the fruits of our labor, cherished in every season. The changes, the beauty, hearts in bloom. Rose petals, in the shape of love. Violets hue, cascading the breadth therein. Love expressed, being naturally expressive. A true display, love’s deepest expression. The richest of love, blooms the most vibrant colors. The soul, feeling the sun rise. The heart, knowing the sun shines on love, on the cloudiest day. Love in bloom, emanates the fragrant affection, of love’s aroma. Love, at the heart of feeling, in an ever changing world. Forever in love, at the deepest roots. Love is the reason, hearts see a faithful bloom. When, the heart chases the butterflies, love attain wings, to fly. Love gazes at the sunflower, bask in subtlety, love’s perpetual afterglow. Love, will never be a bed of roses. But yet, the heart can be profoundly moved, by love’s endearing scent. Love is my baby, love is my wife, love is my forevermore. Hearts in bloom, will never be more loved, than in the moments, loving the essence!

Happy Anniversary, you are, my perennial love! May 28th, will be 34 years married, for my bride and I. When God’s love, is truly at the center, forever is attainable!


Sweet Love!

Your love, such a special treat, so delightfully sweet. When, I look into your eyes, your love always tasteful as creamy caramel. Mrs Brown, eyed complexion. My sweet lady, there’s no complexity, to the love we share. If it’s not one heartbeat, how can sweet love, last to the end of time? Girl, your heart has never been shy. To let me see into you, to indulge my soul with endless love. Milady, I will hold open the door, show you my heart. I will forever adore, everyday give your heart more, of my sweetest love. Will appreciate you with this, celebrate you with bliss. Never let your soul miss, when my heart utters I do, still love you. Babe, heart to heart, how we walk to forever. Lets hold on to love, like we won’t ever let each other’s heart go. Sweetness, will never be my weakness. In the moonlight, your love sparkles like the starlight. In the daylight, your heart shines like the sunlight. By candlelight, how our love gazes, into our hopes and dreams. Your love, the thing in my heart, the presence by my side. Love, the word to consume thoughts, the river to drown hearts. Mi Amor, my buttercup, my candy girl, my valentine; you’re the sweetest honey. My sweet dreams, are made with these!

Happy Valentines, to every heart! For my bride and I, this is our 35th valentines together. Many have asked me, “what’s the secret, to have a lasting love?” My answer, “love the one you’re with.” Don’t try to change them, adjust your heart’s perspective, to make it become the love they need! Whether it’s days, weeks, or years together? Make the moments, in love’s embrace truly special. 365, how much days a heart needs, know true love, and find forevermore!


Song Inspired; Piano Man!

Nine o’clock on a Saturday, the rise and shine. But, before checking off a honey do. The feel, love’s kiss upon my soul. To let my heart say, honey; I do, love you. To let her heart know, my love won’t be tone deaf, or “B” flat. Beyond lip service, love will note, how my heart sings. In the depth of soul, a piano man. Love, the sounding board, for the heartstrings. Love struck, shades black and white. If the love, not enhanced with the truest colors. I don’t, ever want to play the fool. Thinking I’m too cool, to show love what’s in my heart. Now, and forever. A piano man, let’s the love stand upright, be upfront. Displaying love in the right key, becomes a ballad unforgettable. A moving melody, with the profoundest harmony. Love with the right acoustics, resounds as a finely tuned stringed instrument. A heart, showing love’s the reason. Why real love, has a distinct rhythm, to the rhyme. To help avoid, the “C” sharp. The first Cut, always the deepest. The “F” sharp, becoming the wrong pitch. The “G” flat, another apology; Gee, I didn’t mean it. The “D” flat, playing Dumb; did I do that? Love’s the key signature, to be in unison. So the love doesn’t resonate, to “B” minor. But lyrically sound, in “A” major, heartfelt moment. Love in sync; Always, Forever!

Love, with a good vibration, won’t let the heart, be struck by a damper. Love with a pure, fervent tone, speaks in volumes. Digitally, Electric, or Grand… in scope. Violets are blue, roses have petals. True love, let’s the heart drink for free. Lights up the soul, with the moonlight. The ambiance, creates a beautiful glow. Love showing there’s no other place, two hearts in twine would rather be, but serenaded by the light of love. When, love has you feeling alright? The heart knows, the soul swayed. So even when, the years shuffles in. The piano man, and his heart of hearts. His special love, still listening to their favorite love song. Cheek to cheek, the love never gets old. For it’s unconditional, the years undeniable. With no need, to ever make love. Be, what it was meant to be, endearing. The fond memories, love in stages. Showcasing, how the breadth of love, deepens. Some days, have sadness, some incredibly sweet; I know them complete. Today, and even the days, I wore a younger man’s clothes. Love, play for my heart another song. Touch the right key, enamor my heart’s cord; leave my soul, breathlessly… once again!

Piano Man, a song by Billy Joel; released in 1973.