Every Moment!

Every Moment, in your love. You’re, in every breath, breathing through every heartbeat. The breadth, in my lungs, it’s you. In every season, you are the reason, the days are pleasing. Every Moment, in your presence. Breathless, how you find me. Speechless, how the love leaves me, waiting. My heart, can’t casually breathe out. In the midst of the chaos, my confidence to breathe. It’s Every Moment, held in love’s embrace. My soul, waiting for every encounter, to exhale. How, do I breathe without you? If Every living Moment, not drowning in an ocean? So when, anyone wants to find my heart. They can find my soul, living between every breadth of love. Every night, through the twilight, when I lay my heart down. My breath, love gently takes, hold until morning. To again be, my first, and in my last. At the end of myself, love will have, my every breath. My soul, saying thank You, Love. For Every, breathtaking Moment!


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