Song Inspired; Piano Man!

Nine o’clock on a Saturday, the rise and shine. But, before checking off a honey do. The feel, love’s kiss upon my soul. To let my heart say, honey; I do, love you. To let her heart know, my love won’t be tone deaf, or “B” flat. Beyond lip service, love will note, how my heart sings. In the depth of soul, a piano man. Love, the sounding board, for the heartstrings. Love struck, shades black and white. If the love, not enhanced with the truest colors. I don’t, ever want to play the fool. Thinking I’m too cool, to show love what’s in my heart. Now, and forever. A piano man, let’s the love stand upright, be upfront. Displaying love in the right key, becomes a ballad unforgettable. A moving melody, with the profoundest harmony. Love with the right acoustics, resounds as a finely tuned stringed instrument. A heart, showing love’s the reason. Why real love, has a distinct rhythm, to the rhyme. To help avoid, the “C” sharp. The first Cut, always the deepest. The “F” sharp, becoming the wrong pitch. The “G” flat, another apology; Gee, I didn’t mean it. The “D” flat, playing Dumb; did I do that? Love’s the key signature, to be in unison. So the love doesn’t resonate, to “B” minor. But lyrically sound, in “A” major, heartfelt moment. Love in sync; Always, Forever!

Love, with a good vibration, won’t let the heart, be struck by a damper. Love with a pure, fervent tone, speaks in volumes. Digitally, Electric, or Grand… in scope. Violets are blue, roses have petals. True love, let’s the heart drink for free. Lights up the soul, with the moonlight. The ambiance, creates a beautiful glow. Love showing there’s no other place, two hearts in twine would rather be, but serenaded by the light of love. When, love has you feeling alright? The heart knows, the soul swayed. So even when, the years shuffles in. The piano man, and his heart of hearts. His special love, still listening to their favorite love song. Cheek to cheek, the love never gets old. For it’s unconditional, the years undeniable. With no need, to ever make love. Be, what it was meant to be, endearing. The fond memories, love in stages. Showcasing, how the breadth of love, deepens. Some days, have sadness, some incredibly sweet; I know them complete. Today, and even the days, I wore a younger man’s clothes. Love, play for my heart another song. Touch the right key, enamor my heart’s cord; leave my soul, breathlessly… once again!

Piano Man, a song by Billy Joel; released in 1973.


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