Many Rivers!

Many rivers we cross, the heart wading through the water. The way over, is to go through. On the other side, how you live your best life. Many rivers we cross, the heart putting up barriers. Trying to restrain the flood, keep the water at bay. Though the tears, comes crashing against what seems, a washed up sure. Hold on to faith, it won’t let hopes and dreams, get swept away, into the abyss. In deep places, an ocean of love. The banner, unfailing love. Many rivers we cross, when fear looks to capsize your hope. Let faith, pulls your heart into, the crimson tide. When your soul, becomes a silent river. Many hearts, many come to test the depth. Instead of getting crossed, show them, the way to the cross. How you found rest, by the river side. How every breadth, becomes a deep river. Life’s a journey, never walked alone. Hope and faith, travels the same path, your heart is on. Many rivers we cross, on the river bank, let your roots go deep. Let the evidence, be growth undeniable, your forever bloom. Some day, the heart comes across many rivers. And if the day, tries to drag you under. Many river, finds a-cross. A heart, knowing someday; your soul will rise above. Many rivers to cross, the way over, what have to go through. Wandering, doesn’t mean lost, tears don’t mean losing. Wondering, it’s your soul believing; though Many Rivers, but the cross!


11 thoughts on “Many Rivers!

  1. As I read this expression a smile came across my face as I resonate with each word. Indeed we are tested by the waters of life and love continues to be lighthouse, the beacon that sees us through ❤

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