When Love Speaks!

Like the sun rising, hopes and dreams, in every new horizon. Like the stars shining, love reflects, a beautiful light. Like a vigorous wind, love moves profoundly, takes your breath. Every beat of your heart, racing to catch, the breadth. To my soul, love spoke deeply, walls fell. Crumbled, like a sandcastle. Like a child, love breathed, lets new hope arise. The heart, feeling love’s presence, hovering. That won’t let the heart, wander out of the reach, of love’s gentle touch. Whispers of love, heard in the stillness. A heart wanting nothing else, but every breath held forever, in love’s deep embrace. A song of love, singing a sweet melody. Rock-a-bye, heaven is near. A soul, cradled in the arms of love. At night, when your heart is laid down. Love is the story, to rest your soul on, through the twilight. When love breathes deep, when love speaks deeply. Chains break, walls fall down, crumble into the ocean. A soul overwhelmed, a heart lost for words. In love’s presence, the heart is changed, with every breath taken!


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