Of Few Words!

Growing, my heart lived in silent rivers, hid between shadows. You might think, too many years like that, leaves a heart drowning in loneliness. But, that’s where a boy of few words, learned how love’s true breadth, becomes your deepest breath. Coming out for moments, my heart found it didn’t need breaths of air, to live in my introverted world. A heart predestined, will never be able to let futile habits, change your destiny. In the waiting, how my soul learned how to exhale, love’s deeper meaning. In the stillness, where love holds your breath, and breathes for you. So in the wake, it becomes your everything. Hours turned into days, the years became forever. In the mature years, a man comes to realize; though a few good men, can change the world. But, within the quiet beauty, the love of a virtuous woman. Doesn’t change your path, but becomes part of a love story. In the reign, love will shower your soul, with an ocean of blessings. A man of few, his story enriched, with a deepened love. The title, the beginning, the end; about love. Every chapter, with the same character, love becoming. The story, repeating over and over. Every page turned, the love becomes deeply written. Though the ink bleeds, a few words, won’t tell the tale. How a boy, of few words. Became a man, telling a love story, about a love Divine. You don’t, have to understand the depth. Understand, how the love becomes breathless. And can still manage to leave, a heart with a few words!


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