Starting Today!

Yesterday, I started my today, found my tomorrow. That’s when, my heart started beating again. The breadth of love, where you can find my soul, living in the depth. In the wake, every breath remembers to say, Good morning, Son. Shine, in my soul again. In my heart, Your love won’t cast a doubt, will never be outshined. Every day, before my mind get ahead of my heart. I pray, the Father, always sends His love. Starting today, my heart won’t race ahead of grace. Joy, goes before every breath. Peace, waits for me in the stillness. My armor, yesterday it helped my heart, battle what became. Today, it held my breath so so tight. Tomorrow, to be, or not to be. Though the questions, love becoming, the righteous fight. To not let tomorrow, hope lost in between the shadows. Why, my heart reminds my soul; what love did for me, yesterday. The history, all the times, love showed up to be my everything… today. Food for thought, food for my soul; love, for a hungry heart. Yes, starting today; I will again let love lead the way, be the only swayed. For love, helps the heart to breathe, and be. Gives your soul the breadth, to again spread your wings. Starting tonight, when lay my heart down, to rest my soul. Deep in love’s embrace, dreams are released, through the ambiance. In the darkness, through the twilight. In the morning, may my heart do again, what it does best; rise, and shine. So, what I did yesterday, will have no relevance. To what my heart does today, and needs to again be tomorrow. Faithful is a choice, so intentional can become. Love, be our Shalom. Starting Today, and forevermore!


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