A Heart Conditioned!

Don’t assume, my hand and my mind, collaborates to pen, words for my muse. They don’t dictate, to how deep the river flows. A heart conditioned, doesn’t allow the mind and body. To affect what heart and soul, needs to be perfectly clear. A heart, very much in control, of what’s said, and done. The heart bleeds, the mind concedes, as love dictates. The pen flows, the ink reveals. A love story, in every verse. Pumping the brakes, won’t change the trajectory. Love has a mission, to let every heart know the gravity, within a breathless love. A strong heartbeat, still needs to be a heart, with a sustaining love. A steady rhythm of love, what moves every heartbeat, beyond the average 60 to 100 beats per minute. Off the charts, a heart with a profound condition. The love, moves beyond words. The heart, the fifth largest organ in the body, but pound for pound the strongest. It’s not muscles, that defines a warrior, it’s the heart. As for, me and my soul. Don’t assume, what collaborates to pen, words for my muse. My truest love, the only thing that remedies, a Heart Conditioned, to bleed… Love, from the deepest place!


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