I believe, I believe in you. I believe, friends could never be. If love, didn’t first exist… between, time and space. Though, we can’t touch the sky. I believe, a heart can fly, if given wings. I believe, a soul can truly soar, with faith beneath the breadth. Yes, I do believe, there’s a heaven, beyond sight unseen. I believe, from within a mother’s womb, a soul is predestined. To know life, conceives the destiny, love concedes your worth. I believe, a heart chases butterflies. To see how beautiful, having wings can be. When fear, flies to the northern star, like a dove. I believe, when a heart comes to you, wrapped in love. Earnest, becomes the tender moments. When nights, are long and cold, hope is a gentle whisper. Saying, you don’t have to Fake it, your heart can Take it. You just have to believe, and faith will help you Make it, though many rivers. You have to go through, what your heart needs to go through. So, next time you will Know it, believing is the gift. That keeps regifting, your heart in the reassurance. Believing, profoundly more attainable, than just wishing. I believe, that even though tears fall. In the midst of the rain, hope takes your disappear, to the light. The fear of failure, hides when sees your heart, has a fire burning; in the darkest moments. I believe, if you count it all joy. Heartache, will be just a season, that brings with it change; for you to believe. When you have love in your heart, being vulnerable; will never mean hopeless. Seeing, for the first time. Means a heart, believing forever. I believe, we have the power. A heart unrestrained, to believe there’s a light, shining within. If the day, comes and takes your breath? Then, let my heart; Believe for you, and me!


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