Love, the Deeper Understanding!

True love, will always take the heart, deeper. Since the beginning of time, my soul, pulled knee deep into love. And over the years, every doubt removed. The love I found, wouldn’t be enough, to sustain the deepest desire. Though, the soul never becomes a slave, fear never became the ties that bind. Sometimes, breaking free of the mundane. Can leave your heart feeling, like one crying in the wilderness. But that’s when, you dig deeper, go a little bit deeper. So when quicksand comes, the sands of time, doesn’t change the perspective. Pulling your heart, into a dark, lonely place. Why, you have to constantly train your soul, with the truth of love. Love can’t grow stronger, with lack of trust. There has to be a foundation, for you to build your hope on. Real love needs, there be a deeper meaning, to build on a firm foundation. The kind, where the breadth, will lift your faith, to a higher level. Where the love, becomes wind beneath your wings, the air within your sails. Where the love, let’s the heart deeply know, what’s in a deepened devotion. Love’s destiny, finds new depth in soul. So, when the heart bleeds, crimson becomes the tide. So when, the soul becomes profoundly revealed, words are forever lost, in the deepest place. Love’s destination, will always begin, with the end in mind. The destiny, what draws the soul closer, to forevermore. In the searching, in the finding. True Love will always leave heart and soul, with the Deeper Understanding!


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