The old, becoming new. A heart, not beholden to the ties, and the lies that binds. Living free, flawlessly replicated, knowing the deepest love. It will never be, impractical to replicate. The essence, found within the truest love. Over and over, love does it again. Leaves a deep impression, in heart and soul. An expression of love, creating breathless moments. Every breath, reproducing another encounter. True love, should never be about anything, but about someone. With a quality, so profound your heart, mirrors the reflection. A mirrored image, of a love divine. Resembling a heart, imitating what’s deep inside. A heart devoted, to display love’s greatest characteristics. The greatest love, becomes a moving song. When the love, becomes truly breathtaking. Love, paints the picture, but it’s the heart, that replicates the portrait, into a beautiful love story. Similar, can never be portrayed, as a perfect likeness. Love, seen in its purest light. Will profoundly eclipse, what a shadow, ties to recreate. A close variation, will never truly become. The perfect vision, of what love was meant to be. Love, in its undeniable form. Wholeheartedly will be, a faithful display. To soften the heart, in love inspire confidence. So love can be, the renewed perspective. Every day, my hope will always be this. That every heart, will forever become. A genuine Replica, of the Truest Love!


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