The Fiber!

Insulated, your love, intrinsic within the fiber of my being. My heart swaddled in the warmth, when the chill in the air, tries to ravish my soul. All my desires, every breath, mind, body and soul. My worth, encased in the depth of your heart. Living, in the deepest place, what shields my soul, from the outside world. My being, forever tethered to your love, keeps my soul from harm. Your love, what soundproofs my heart, and covers me. When the day, tries to split my heart wide open. So all that resounds, the deepest love. Echoing, within the stillness of my soul. To be consumed, by the breadth therein. My heart, doesn’t need safeguards. Just a deep place, to immerse your deepest trust. Your core, not worrying about being shredded, just heart and soul, threaded. The essence, strengthened by the true texture. A virtuous display, within The Fiber… of your being!


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