In This Place!

In this Place, the rendezvous. For no special reason, but just to show, the way I feel. And let my soul, lean into your love. Press into your heart, to lose my breath. Trying to tell you, how I need you so. For in this place, and in the moment. Brokenness, won’t meet us there. Just, my breathless muse, in love’s deep embrace. A gentle stream, of love flowing through, every tear. No lazy river, can be love oceans deep. In this place, wholehearted giving way, to my deepest breadth. Truth be told, the first encounter. Captured my gaze, but freed my soul. Through every season, my soul is ever changing. Your love, won’t let me stray too far, from your heart. You’re the answer, in all the questions. In you, my joy is found, my faith is secure, my peace is illuminated. The darkness, hides from the light of hope. We have history, in this place, your love showed up the last time. So why, wouldn’t it be there, to again leave me in awe? My house, would not be a home. If my foundation, wasn’t built on your love. When one door closes, love will be the window, to see into your heart!

In this place, the light of heaven, shines on my deepest desires. Love searches my heart, and captivates my soul. Here, I’m deeply changed, and every day, changing still. In the stillness, love speaks into my soul. Love, let your heart, be all I hear. Let the reign, seep into depth of soul. Let there be, no restraint. When my rain, becomes the overwhelming flood. Colliding with my soul, breaking down my walls, drowning every doubt. Your love, won’t be my calm, when every breath is taken, and when in this place, time stands still. When, minds are running wild, hearts chasing dreams. In this place, I don’t hold my breath. With you here, I share my deepest love. All I am, to you I give. Like the wind, with every fiber of my being, have your way. My flaws, and failures, weaknesses made perfect; your love, eclipse them all. Why, in this place, I’m deeply fulfilled, and contented. Every heartbeat, knows the rhythm of your love. The rhyme and reason, why my soul will never get tired, chasing after your heart. In this place, forever my heart and soul; will wait here to rendezvous, again with Your Love!


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