Have of Me!

Bite my head off, if you think that I’m sweet. Rip my heart out, if you feel the need, to always have it close. Cut me down to size, if you believe, I’m getting too big for my britches. Pick my brain, if you truly need to understand, what’s truly on my heart. Take my last breath, if you need to know, I will give you my every breath. Love, you can have my right arm. You have always needed, to have a hand in my life. Afforded me the opportunity, to offer you my eyes. For then, every heart will truly see, how deeply profound you are. Break my heart, if you know that’s the only way,. My soul will truly fathom, the depth in love’s wholehearted essence. My heart and soul, will never want it any other way. My deepest love, why I need you to forever take. Whatever you would, Have of Me!


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