The world, knows the Atlantic. So, my heart will be specific, this is deeper. A heart in deep places, finds the middle of the ocean. In the silent, within the stillness, oceans rise. In the madness, within the chaos. My faith, will surely rise, above the waves. Wading through the waters, bottled up tears, released within a misty soul. My silent river, flows deep, through a beautiful stream of love. The deepest love, won’t let tears, become, a lazy river. My heart, will faithfully swim, the ocean breathlessly. Every day, sail on, dance with the rhythm of the wind. My soul, never more deeply loved. Than drowning somewhere, lost in an ocean of love. Oceans deep, the presence captures, the splendor captivates, the breadth takes. In the deep, every breath swept away, to be with the crimson tide. The ocean, surrounds my soul, submerges my heart. To calm my doubts, soothe my fears, change my identity. A heart in too deep, you call a breathless love. Seas are divided geographically, but the depth within an ocean, fathomed breathtakingly. You See, love is about a coming together. An ocean of love, not restricted, by futile barriers. Every breath, taken a thousand times. But then you ask, do it again. This love, and my heart, never oceans apart. For, my heart is a river, the love within the ocean. How can a heart, keep the water at bay; when your soul, keeps pouring? The river, will never again be silenced. In the middle of the ocean, love flows out a deep river. Depth of soul, deep love in quantity, filling with immensity. When oceans rise, the tide doesn’t change. Yet the water can’t help but overwhelm, heart and soul! Feb 4, 2022


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