Your Portion!

Life abundant, that’s your portion. Good health, for you and your family; that’s your portion. Provisions for your heart, freedom for your soul; it’s your portion. Encouragement, to soothe the endless tears. Faith for today, hope in every tomorrow; your portion. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Blessings released, peace increased, fear decreased, protection from Covid; that’s your portion. When, the heart walks in freedom, the soul reaches the destiny. One door closes, two more opens. Step into your victory, declare your independence, claim your inheritance. The lost, but found; lay claim to your portion. Grace, there in the midst of cancer, loss, heartache, depression, anxiety, hardship, brokenness, pain, sickness. Be encouraged, there’s restoration, in Revelation. Look up, in the valley, you will surely see your redemption, to go conquer every mountain. A stumble, that’s okay. We, have all been there… fallen. Flaws, we all have them. You’re still beautiful, look deep within. Many years of disappointments, that’s Not your portion. Believe me when I tell you, I’m just the messenger. You don’t, have to validate my worth, to receive this affirmation. My heart, sent here to proclaim, there’s Good news. Love Unconditional, that’s Your Portion!


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