Her Worth!

Through the sands of time, her heart beats endlessly. Her worth, not in question. For, the strength of her love, beyond words. The moon knows her essence, the stars gaze at her beauty. Her radiance, outshines the twilight, eclipses the moonlight. Her heart, a crimson rose. Her soul, bares an Angel, disguised. Her presence, endearing. Her quintessence, providence. Her personification, virtuous. Her head, crowns her meaning. Her feet, walks the miles. Her strength, profound. Her breath, ordained, to breathe new life. Her love, shaped by her heart. Her support, leaves no doubt. Her life, bears much fruit. Her purpose, indisputable. Her confidence, binds her resolve. Her inspiration, love unconditional. Her expression, depth of soul. Her armor, breadth of heart. Her beauty, found within. Her desire, give heart and soul. Her need, the freedom to be. Her celebration, internationally known. A woman’s worth, unquestionable. Her heart, tells the tale; Her Worth!

A Tribute, to international woman’s day!


11 thoughts on “Her Worth!

  1. Felt like, as if.. the Divine Grace kept on showering those beautiful words, while your emotional pen kept on sketching ‘HER’ nonstop.. Don’t know how to describe how and what I felt while going through this splendid piece of art.. Just wordless.. 🙏🏻😇

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    1. They are many, in fact, they are all. A woman’s worth, God ordained. In the silence, Her love is heard. Under the quiet, Her worth speaks volumes. In the darkness, Her heart shines. In His likeness, Her soul He created!

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