The Picture; Time!

In the morning, when I rise; love, be every heartbeat, in the sands of time. When I drown, love will be the reason, I live breathless. And when time stands still, move my soul. Time after time, when desperation becomes the thirst. Love will be the water, to quench my heart’s desire. Shadows, they tell time, of what was. In times past, and what will surely be. Though, time slips through the hourglass. The hands of time, encounter seconds in bliss. Between the stillness of moments, a quarter past, or even at a quarter after. Love, doesn’t let a faithful soul, exhale. In the Am, in the Pm, at noon, at midday, or at midnight. Every twenty four hours, minutes in wait; the daylight saving, you breathtaking moments. What time is it, you ask? First, let me ask you this. Has your heart set time aside, every day; to know a deeper love? Time in words, can be written in numerals. Hours in love, never about counting minutes. Just the counted moments, your heart was held, in the depth of love’s timeless embrace. For, when time is no more. A half an hour, will seem a lifetime, holding on to memories. Time, waits for no one. Once it’s gone, the picture; likened to a thousand words. Reflecting, the times your heart let precious moments of love, slip away!


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