Love; the Texture!

The true, texture of a heart, reveals the essence within. The measure, spans the width, the length, the breadth. The depth known, when the crimson hue, release tears of joy. Love’s true texture, beyond the feeling, more than the appearance. In the consistency, the substance woven in. To display from within, what the surface can’t convey. A love that touches, but deeply felt, and gentle on the heart. Profound love, has that certain; Je ne sais quoi. The mind, can’t comprehend, but the heart, feels the ingrained fabric. A love, dipped in a divine quality, it’s tethered to forever. Every day, the characteristic unveiled. The awe, will take your breath, render your soul, utterly speechless. This kind of love, leaves the heart, lost for words. Deep love, paints a work of art. The created feeling, poetry through every emotion. A woman’s heart, a beauty that covers, with the gentlest texture of her love. Men, reveal the texture of your heart; warm, tender, sensitive. Don’t, just let your heart be seen, let it be known, showcasing your deepest love. So, it will be hearts lying, breathless in love’s embrace. When you lay your heart down, kiss love good night. So in the moonlight, love can rock your soul to sleep, and in the twilight, hold every breath tight. And in the morning, love passionately. So, love can whisper into your soul. Your heart, has the right texture!


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