The Answer, is One!

Before, a heart can truly breathe, in love, there’s a test. Your hopes, your dreams, your faithfulness. Your outlook, shaped by every test. Every day, love is in session. To pass the test, you search your heart, there lies the answer. One plus one, positively will make it become, One… heartbeat. First, subtract the negativity, from within your heart. Then the answer, will surely be, One… love. Being one, in heart and mind, will undoubtedly result in the perspective being; enlightening. The testing of the heart, produces enlightenment. Nothing missing, faith heightened, your hopes strengthened, dreams destined. Frame of mind, being transformed. When, love is added once, but then carried twice. It will never become, an unwanted fraction. For, the love would have therefore be from, heart and soul. A mathematical equivalence, being a simplistic love, with a double portion. True love, doesn’t need to be a strategic calculation, it’s an expectance. The equation; plus nothing, minus nothing. No and’s, if’s, or but’s, or variations thereof.

Trigonometry, may not be love’s best subject. But, a heart can still extrapolate; the true length, height, depth, breadth of love. Profound love, not based in the subjective, but the objective. It’s predicated, on hypostasis being both relative, and substantive. In the formulation, love needs to take notes. If it’s not written, on the heart with a lasting impression. The love can therefore, slip the mind, or be miss placed. The root cause, for being double minded; the heart and soul, divided. Due, to love’s intrinsic value, therein lies the constant learning. The days, teaches you the facets, the years advances the understanding. Greater than, should never be love less than, but equal to. Love’s true formula, begins with adding, with no subtraction. Then, when you think it’s figured out? Multiple it, one hundred percent. Let me, sum it up. Love, not rocket science, it’s a matter for the heart. Formulated, wholeheartedly; it takes your breath, beyond the stars. Mathematics 101; The square root, of two hearts. The answer, is One… heartbeat, love forever!


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