In Love’s Embrace!

In love’s embrace, the day, my soul was conceived. The moment, deep love perceived. In the instant, my heart received. Every breath held, by love’s embrace. My heart learning, my soul knowing; life is but a breath, then will never be. In love’s embrace, years, but a day. Seconds seeming hours, days like forever. My soul feels at ease, drowning in love’s embrace. The depth unfathomable, but searchable, love searches the heart. When words are lost, love knows where to find them. Who, can keep my heart from speaking? Love is my voice, strengthened by my resolve. My heart, will never stutter. Even though, my soul at times, speechless. My confidence, my worth, found in love’s embrace. No dread, will ever befall me. In the calm, my eyelids fade, but my love won’t slumber. Just rest, in love’s embrace. Though, calamity lays waiting, in the shadows. Vexation, tries to trip up the heart. Deep in my quiver, love’s arrow, pierces my soul, and brings me home. When, the things of this world, becomes utterly tasteless. My appetite will forever be, the taste of love’s sweet surrender. What teaches my heart, how to be deeply moved. Feeling the breadth, of love’s profound embrace. The heart, wields the greatest victory. When love, becomes the weapon of choice, when diplomacy fails. A soul raised up, to become wise in speech, courageous in hope, mighty with faith. Love, softens the heart, grants success in battles. Deep things are known, when deep love is felt. But, only when you stay; in love’s embrace!


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