C’est la vie!

When, things don’t go as planned, stress, won’t avoid the mess. Such is life, facing the moment, will bring clarity. Why, let your mind board a non-stop train, when you can train your heart? Disappointments, a part of life. Hope, a part of living. Such is love, living in the moment. In life, some people will get their kicks, trying to trample dreams. Let them, stomp… their feet, all they want. Childish behavior, never let it make your heart, lose focus of your hopes, and your dreams. Perhaps, they just need to see for themselves, how dreams, becomes reality? Some say, “that’s life.” When April showers, brings out the blues, don’t it get you down. Let your heart, dance in the rain. After the rain is gone, it’s blue skies, and pretty rainbows. A heart swayed, soulful grooving, in the crimson hue. Yeah, that’s love. A soul living breathless, within nature’s glow. The raindrops on roses, becomes a heart in bloom. Heartache and pain,“that’s life,” but it doesn’t matter, if that’s what people say!

My friends, a heart sings out loud, will surely laugh out loud, when the tears start to pour. Life is a journey, on a mountain called despair, hope sees a new horizon. So, when you fall down, get up, and chase your dreams. A double minded heart, will make every heartbeat unstable. Don’t, let your heart be a pauper, let your soul be a poet, with a muse. Every reality, is being shaped. Let your heart and soul, believe in a living hope. For, a life with hope, will be a heart with faith. That lets every breath, have confidence. Dreams are realized, through a profound sacrifice. How you unequivocally know; that’s love!


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