Holding Forever!

Love, is like the wind, but yet I can hold it, forever. The beauty therein, keep it close to my heart. With every breath, wholeheartedly, chase the butterflies. For, on the wings of love, the soul soars to forevermore. Love is the reason, words get lost. Though, my mind can’t find adequate words. What, my heart takes hold of, my soul will express. The depth, the breadth, the words in my heart, clings to the unfailing truth; love is forever. My soul holds it tight, but for my heart to shares it, it doesn’t take might, for love take flight. Real love, doesn’t leave a bitter taste, just a lasting impression. True love, plays like a beautiful song, lyrically spoken, always and forever. Love takes the breath, captures the imagination. Sometimes, holding back the years, easier than holding back the tears. Why, grasp at forever, when you should, tether your soul? My heart, doesn’t need much. Just held forever, in love’s embrace. Trying, to catch your breath, not so easy; when love is the wind. Lifting you, taking every breadth; heart and soul holding, forever!


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