The coming together, that’s what love is. Though at times, love has different points of view. The condition of the heart, determines the matter to the approach. Love, meant to be limitless, not limited. Though every action, causes a reaction. A response in love, let’s the convergence, be not ill-advised. Distance, overcomes the miles, when the love, not hearts apart. Moving towards, precipitates the love moving forward. Two paths can’t converge, if the direction of the heart, is unclear. Love extended, reciprocates in kind. A meeting, hearts in a common place. The convergence, causing an undeniable conclusion. Love, becomes the point of reference, in every heartfelt encounter. In love, when the latitude converges, with an apparent attitude. The cause, becomes the effect, distance… between two hearts. Love, intersects every crossroad. The heart, just needs to be open, to the possibility. Love from different points, connecting, with a new perspective. That, we can unite in love, coincide with flaws. It’s never, much to do about nothing. Respecting, conflicting points of reference. Love will always be seen, as moving closer. Truly noticed, not through a singular vantage point. Love draws near, not to be judged, but be affirmed. Love doesn’t recede, it precedes. So the love, can be profoundly received. Island style, you link up. The Convergence, one love, one heart!


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