Come Visit Me!

When I’m at a loss, in need of my closest friend, come visit me. When I am broken-hearted, consumed by disparate, come visit me. When the tide is rising, my soul drifting, come visit me. When the darkness looms, when the sun doesn’t shine. Let my heart, see you in the stars, in the moonlight. In the twilight, let my soul hold you, forever. Your radiance, outshines the madness. When the day is counterintuitive, you’re the hands of time. Poetry in motion, that’s how you still my heart. Within you, my worth never in question. Come visit, the path will be clear, my heart will be open. You hold the key, to my happiness. Don’t knock, be utterly reckless, break down my walls. Capture my imagination, free my soul. When I am desperate, to be held, in your embrace. Let my heart race, my soul will find, my enlightenment. That in You, my truest passion, held within the deepest breadth. Love, in every tear, in every valley, in every struggle, real talk. With every visit, you make me whole. Love, meet me here again, in my heart. When I am in need, come visit me, and I will let you have, my every breath. You won’t regret, that you had me, at hello!


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