A problematic encounter, a heart at a crossroad, but not the final destination. Destiny, reached by the chosen path. When, breath becomes taxing, making it difficult, to get life off your chest. Love, never questions worth, it searches the heart. Circumstances, chooses winding roads. A Problematic, point in time, shouldn’t lead to the arrest, of every heartbeat. A heart with no beat, a soul with no feeling. It doesn’t matter, what’s seen on the outside, just who you are… on the inside. Problematic, sometimes a road called broken, a place known as lost, and empty. The journey, called life, how you find yourself, hopes, and dreams. A life, with no song to sing, a soul without a voice. A problematic heart, deafened by the silence. On the road, known as life. Colliding points of view, should never be unbecoming. What’s, a bleeding heart to do, keep walking, walking in freedom. When, you’ve come to the end… of yourself. That’s when, love takes you in, and holds you… forever. Letting go, of the heartaches, and the weight of life. How, love sets you free, indeed. So, whenever your heart, gets caught up in the moment. Your soul, knows love is enough, to heal a brokenness. Love’s redemption, what makes all things new. Love will engage, a problematic heart. After pain, lies the blessing; the song of triumph. A heart, believing things will get better. Problematic, excellence becomes, enlightenment begins!


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