When, I am racing, your heart will be the prize. When, the hours are chasing, I run to your embrace, and gaze into the beauty. When, my heart is exposed, love bares my soul. When I’m most vulnerable, I don’t retreat, I surrender. When I am weary, by the weight of life. I release my cares, at the foot of the cross. When, the days are daunting, and the foe confronts my soul. The fight, finding my strength, in the arms of love. When, my pen seems empty, but the ink still bleeds. I know it’s love, writing another story, on my heart. When, love has its way with my soul. That’s when I see, my heart is a canvas, painted with the deepest love. The expression, etched so deep, it illuminates, the breadth. Crimson love, flows from a deep river. So, if the tide turns… inward, the silent river is stirred, to make the love overwhelm! When…

What if, I held it forever, the breadth? Would it take my breath, would my heart keep beating? What if, my heart felt overwhelmed, by a tidal wave of emotions? Would the air in my lungs, be truly enough, to sustain my being? What if, while gazing into the moonlight, my soul saw the stars shimmer endlessly, I lost words. Would my heart, still feel amazingly alive, holding forever. What if, the rhythm of my heart became erratic? Would anyone, be able to find, what steadies my every heartbeat? What if, what if? What if, love didn’t take, and I stopped holding my breath? Then how, could my soul, breathe? When…


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