What Would I Do?

What do you do, when your heart is so good, at hide and seek? Lost, but found, the predestined encounter. Love, found my soul hiding, behind a painted smile. What can you do, when the walls comes down, the light came in, your heart is taken, and a love story begins? What can you do, when to Love, you surrendered… everything? It’s impossible, to escape love’s embrace. The gentle presence, looking to capture your heart, captivate the soul. How, do you hide from love? When it seeks your heart, but you willingly, bare your soul. A heart exposed, can’t hide, what tears reveal. You can’t avoid, love’s relentless pursuit, to touch your soul, profoundly. Tell me, what do you do, when the search for love is over, but the chase never ending. What’s a heart to do, when love finds it, depth of being? My love, can no longer hide. My soul, love owns, my heart I give have. In plain sight, my breath it takes, my gaze taken captive. Where would I be, whom would I have become, if love didn’t want me?

The more I seek, a deeper love I find. The more love I give, the more reasons I find, to never hide behind feelings. What do you do, when you’ve been found, but your heart utterly lost, finding words. What do you do, when love becomes, your hiding place? What can you do, when love knows your thoughts, hears when the heart whispers? What do you do, when love sees your heart, and knows your soul, intimately? How do you stop love, from talking your breath, making your heart gasp? Seeking out a place in your soul, to leave the most endearing love? There’s nothing you can do, when being vulnerable, is not about fighting feelings? But all the hidden place, love comes to reside… forever. Where would my heart be, if my silent river, didn’t have a profound destiny? Why, there’s absolutely no need, to fathom deNial. Love’s greatest triumph, the promise land, beyond the Sea. What, can this heart of mine do, the love I need to fathom, it’s oceans deep. Hide and seek, what my soul can no longer play. Love, reflects a transparent hue. Passion and desire, never counts the cost. Oh, What Would I Do, without, Grace, the lover of my soul?


10 thoughts on “What Would I Do?

  1. Beautiful!! Touching, refreshing and vulnerable. I esp. love this line, “ Tell me, what do you do, when the search for love is over, but the chase never ending.” Love (or Jesus) will always pursue us, even when we are saved! To me this is a religious write up as well. 😀

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