Staying, in Love!

Falling in love, the heart-felt process. The heart races, hoping love doesn’t stumble. Love is about endurance, not the mind racing so fast. The breadth starts to withers, the soul becoming winded. Love is a journey, to forever. With the enlightenment, the understanding becomes clear. Love is anchored, by trust, and commitment. The heart, confirms the feeling, the soul, comprehends the meaning. To live for, to be in, to Stay; in love forever. When the mind questions, the heart needs to know the answer. To be, or not to be? Love, holds on to memories, the heart holds on to love, the soul holds on to forevermore. Some say, love needs to be everything, or nothing at all. But love says; if it’s true, love will undoubtedly be Everything, the story was meant to be. Love, an in-depth collaboration. The soul writes the story, so the heart can tell the tale. Love sets the ambiance, the heart feels the texture. How can love go wrong, when the key to Staying, is being faithful, with unconditional love!

Love, creates a beautiful picture, expressed through the soul, in a thousand words. Love lives for you, love breathes for you, love dreams for you; love gives to you. Love is nourished, love is relished, love is cherished. There’s no need, to make it hard, or complicated. Love is believing, love comes down to Staying. Whether your heart will, or whether you won’t. Love is, hearts in perpetual bloom. Life, too short to wake up, in a flowered bed, scented with love’s regret. Falling in love, it’s so easy to do. Staying in Love, therein lies, the true essence of love!


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