Of the Utmost!

Absolutely nothing, nothing will ever be able to separate Your love, from my heart. It’s so vital, vital to sustain, my every heartbeat. The love is forever, forever soaked in my being. And it’s deeply, deeply moving; moving throughout the depth, of the innermost. It’s doing, doing a work within soul, making it whole. Why I have to admit, admit to the whole world. It’s truly, truly undeniably; it’s the best love, my heart has ever known. Love is of the essence, for it’s in the essence; your soul finds the hue, of love’s crimson beauty. It’s absolute, absolutely pressing; every day to position the heart, and press into love… deeper. Yes, surely, surely my soul will never ever be the same. For my breath, my breath has been profoundly taken, and all my heart has been left with, the breadth of love. It’s oxygen, oxygen so my heart can truly fathom. Depth in an ocean, in this sea of love. Removing, removing the love from my soul, it would be a catastrophic event, of the Utmost!


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