Fun Friday; Glide!

When, you’re feeling super fly, no one, has to ask your heart why? They will surely see, love makes your soul soar. In love, a different kind of living. The heart humming, a soul that won’t stop dancing, even when no music is playing. Love is the song, keeping the heart in tune, swaying your beliefs. Love bubbling, spilling when the heart is full. A heart, doesn’t have to know how to dance. For the blood to be pumping, the beat jamming. A soul freestyling, knows how to glide, to every heartbeat. When, your heart knows how to glide, your soul will certainly smile, doing the electric slide, feeling energized. When, one step forward, two steps back won’t do? Bust a smooth move, get your heart in the groove, glide on the dance floor. Grin, laugh out loud; like you got away with something. Your soul, avoided singing the blues. Instead, you’re dancing to a love song. Not getting down, to a brand new funk. You don’t need a crowd, be your own captivated audience. Dance your heart out, like there’s no one watching. Uncontrollable, feelings incredible; love in the flow, the joy overflows. Celebrate, you are; what love says you are. Whenever, you’re feeling the strain, outside the pouring rain. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing, the groove. Just say, heart, drop the beat; the rhythm, the rhyme, the harmony, will free your soul. When, the melody move you, the love will hold you. Keep you dancing, all night long. Until all the blues, drift away. When, pacing back and forth won’t do? When, the day wants you to get down? Roll with it, tell it to bounce, and skate. Don’t let the mood, break your stride. Glide forever, on the wings of love!


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