Second Cup!

So many hearts, look forward to that Second cup. For me and my buds, the taste would never be, a double double in my cup. Love, what butter’s my bread, and sugar’s my tea. Love has an effect, the nuance subjective. Love, put words in your mouth, will leave an impression on the heart. Love, will never move a heart, if just careless whispers. The heart, what opens up the conversation, to confide with the soul. Love, shouldn’t be a question, it’s meant to inspire, be an influence. Love’s never shaken, love is always enriched, poured with a creamy texture, the sweetness stir-in. Love has an aroma, filling the air like incense. When the love fills you up, it soothes misty blues. More than a feeling, when the warmth is felt. Love-in the moment, bliss in the encounter. When the love overflows, your cup is full. Time for it to become, a second cup. Get your portion, let your heart kick back, let your soul unwind. A long with the birds chirping, feeling the cool breeze blowing, your heart is swaying. Playing in the background, a smooth 80’s throw back. Tell it to your heart, I’m not the only one, who enjoys a second cup. Whenever, the beat… in your heart moves you, be swayed to say; it’s going to be a glorious day, clouds don’t matter. Contentment, doesn’t need you, to add-in context, for the heart be fulfilled, truly. Sometimes, invite friends over, to enjoy each other’s heart. A second cup, that’s everyone’s portion. With every encounter, love becomes the muse. In the fulfillment, love is the reason, in every season. When love truly resonates, it lingers. With just a smile, love captures the heart. To get the mojo going, some hearts require the java upload. Half way up, still half way down. And if, the love can’t be contained? Tell the world, shh, don’t interrupt, when the love is pouring… out!

Bonus piece below:

Dear Sweetness!

My sweetness, before the love became, my soul was so bitter. But now, it seems I can’t do without you, this love is sweet. Won’t you, continue to pour out your sweetness in me. I promise, to receive your love. In my heart and soul, you’re my desire. Your sweet love, it’s such a blessing. Double double, your sweetness is needed, not once, not twice; but three times, it seems lately. Get enough, love is subjective. Stir it up, for the sweetest love, could never be a heart, into love that’s sugar free. Don’t, let my faith in love be shaken, stirred forevermore. Sweet love, brings so much to the table. For my, my, my, heart and soul. There’s nothing, Equal to you, you’re Splenda, in every way. True love fills you up, dips Sweet and Low. So bitterness, no longer becomes. This love, just right for me, you’re sweet like that. Thirty four years, my heart has been enjoying love’s sweetest moments. Just a spoonful of love, enough to help sweeten my soul. Sugar, your love is, will forever be; just right… for me!

Yours truly, Coffee; Black!

I don’t drink coffee, never have. This one, this share, for all the coffee lovers. Cheers, to the fulfillment!

Fun Friday; Honey, “I” Do!

If you asked, a Newly married man, in the honeymoon stage; who’s the boss, in the relationship? He would lovingly say; “we both are, 50/50 love.” But, when the honeymoon is over, the pledge will surely be; my love forever, a day, then comes the “Honey-Do.” The list, the top ten ways, the love becomes complete. It’s at that very moment, he begins to realizes; “who the boss really is, “Love.” For love makes you do, endearing love has an undeniable name. Some say, the characteristic that best describes, “She.” When she takes the “I,” out of Honey (I) Do. Everyone knows, they no “I,” in team… work; every team, knows love is the true motivator. And every man should understand, “her sharing, is caring, in a happy life.” Yes, love definitely has a name; “He,” and he shouldn’t mind, to receive all the love, in her heart. His complete(d) love, what tells her; honey I do, love you. And absolutely he should, do whatever it takes, to show how profound, her love is. What he forgets, she reminds; I will have your back… next week, another love letter. After all, she truly deserves it, have all his love; just saying. So men, just get it… done. It doesn’t matter, how many days it takes, how many weekends you give up. Love’s about giving, your devotion, your heart and soul. Men, love doesn’t procrastinate, it’s an act, moved by your motion. For, if your list could talk, you would hear it say; hey you, complete me. Men, whenever the love of your life, ask for all your heart, give it! For it will tell her, how much you relish the I do, love you. And, when it all said and done, tell it to her heart; honey, I am complete, your love completes me!


Fun Friday; Glide!

When, you’re feeling super fly, no one, has to ask your heart why? They will surely see, love makes your soul soar. In love, a different kind of living. The heart humming, a soul that won’t stop dancing, even when no music is playing. Love is the song, keeping the heart in tune, swaying your beliefs. Love bubbling, spilling when the heart is full. A heart, doesn’t have to know how to dance. For the blood to be pumping, the beat jamming. A soul freestyling, knows how to glide, to every heartbeat. When, your heart knows how to glide, your soul will certainly smile, doing the electric slide, feeling energized. When, one step forward, two steps back won’t do? Bust a smooth move, get your heart in the groove, glide on the dance floor. Grin, laugh out loud; like you got away with something. Your soul, avoided singing the blues. Instead, you’re dancing to a love song. Not getting down, to a brand new funk. You don’t need a crowd, be your own captivated audience. Dance your heart out, like there’s no one watching. Uncontrollable, feelings incredible; love in the flow, the joy overflows. Celebrate, you are; what love says you are. Whenever, you’re feeling the strain, outside the pouring rain. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing, the groove. Just say, heart, drop the beat; the rhythm, the rhyme, the harmony, will free your soul. When, the melody move you, the love will hold you. Keep you dancing, all night long. Until all the blues, drift away. When, pacing back and forth won’t do? When, the day wants you to get down? Roll with it, tell it to bounce, and skate. Don’t let the mood, break your stride. Glide forever, on the wings of love!


Dancing Queen!

Her heart is free, her sweet love, such a treat. How can it be, my heart is never tired, dancing to the rhythm of her love. Whenever my heart beat, needs to slow dance. I hold out my soul, and ask love, if I can have this dance. Love, extends the request, takes me by the heart. And, with no hesitation, her love touches me deeply. My dancing Queen, her love is resting, gently on my heart. I swear, don’t dare, interrupt this love affair. Don’t come between, my heart, and my dancing Queen. All the passion, all the anticipation; truly nothing without it being a heart, moved by love’s graceful embrace. No one, knows what tomorrow holds, but this one thing I surely know. Love will forever, lead my heart and soul, to the middle of the dance floor. My dancing Queen, we have fun, find pleasure in each other. Letting our hearts, dancing; into the wee, hours of forever!

My Queen and I, two hearts, one heartbeat; rhythmically incline. But even so, between our forevermore, and our in-depth slow Waltz. The dance, becomes a sassy Tango; my mind, and her thinking, will love become a break dance? My soul said no, we will Tango, and my heart will take the lead; show you how I bust a move. My Rumba, not about the being “hip,” movement. My heart, plays it cool, phrasing my love passionately; in a tasteful rhythmic flow. My soul, knows the gravity; endearing love floats, on the clouds of heaven. It’s knowing how to Tango, without stepping on the love, between two hearts. In my dancing Queen’s world, orbits her view point; the preferred dance style, the Salsa. A love language, expressed in spicy connotations. But don’t get it twisted, she’s no latin momma; she’s my Caribbean Queen, and I love her. She’s doesn’t desire a throne, but every day; I Do, crown her heart, with my love. When love collides, some might think it a bit dramatic. But love tells me, she’s expressing, the passion, deep in her heart. My beloved, my Nubian Queen; her love dances, with my soul. Yes, my dancing Queen, her heart is free. Her sweet love, such a treat!


Black History; Nubian Queen!

Since the dawn of time, whenever a Nubian queen, needed to address an unmanageable situation. She would set out on a quest, to the salon. The place, formally called; “the hairdresser.” To beautify, enhance her natural glow. The deNial, why would anyone; when her beauty, flows like a river. While there, she would surely become enlightened, with the latest news. For some, the wether or not, even if you didn’t ask for it. Forecasted, the possible hot tempered, or the possibility of the cold shoulder. What happens in the salon, would mostly be broadcasted… outside. My Nubian beauty, never felt the need to engage. Her heart, chose the path of virtuous. She would sit, on her rightful throne, with stylish fashion, make her intent known. Some queens, made the dialogue be, about establishing dominance. She, focused on the productive, what wasn’t toxic, to her crown. Sometimes, the beautify encounter seemed, like a sparring match; the bob, and the weave. You bear it, and grin, trying to keep the peace. The subjugation, reigning wayward thoughts!

Even though, weaving seems like a grudge match? Love, not about the upper hand. Loosening the grip, on love extended, eases the tension. To let your heart get tangled, up in a not so subtle exchange. The hairdresser, a name rarely used these days. The new title, is more stylish, sophisticated; “as a salon, and spa.” Where you go, to get your hair did, your nails did, your feet did, your face… did I mention? True beauty, resonates from within. A Nubian queen, have that “je ne sais quoi. (a quality, that can’t be easily described). Natural beauty, it’s a real ting; dem ah fi tek you serious. (they have to take you seriously) For, every beautified soul, showcases your presence, as royalty. A heart, looking so fly, like a graceful butterfly. Knowing, how to withstand pressure. Makes the resolve, a fabulous measure. Making you, wanting to grab your rag and wave, jamdown style. Caribbean queen, don’t ever throw in the towel. When you get home, love will be… forever. Though, life makes you feel, like you’re losing the fight, and your mind, with every tug on the heartstrings. Nubian, pray for strength, and you will, surely endure to the end(s)!

Nubian, “And after you, have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10 ESV

This piece, for all the black women. Who had to endure, every beautifying encounter, for love, and with grace. I originally, wrote this as a draft in 2015, not sure if I would post it. I was inspired to share it, by a piece I read about black hair. And so, I rewrote it, for black history month. My Nubian and I, have been married for 34 years, this May. Seeing her, go through the long sessions, and the process involved. Makes me appreciate, what women go through. Even though, this is tongue and cheek, and though some may not get the humor, or have never been through the experience. I wanted to honor, all the Nubian queens. For what they do to look their best, for themselves, and the ones they love!


A Storybook; The Hot Dog!

Girl, I remember; when your love stepped to me. You were in my vision, you picked my line… of sight. I’m sure, you must have liked, what saw… on the menu? I was sensing you, but you weren’t hearing me. You needed to, and I needed you; to tell it to my heart. But instead, you spoke to my ego. Why, are you upfront? Guys, are usually in the back, checking their temperature. Yeah, she said it, and did I it. Relished the opportunity, for the Hot Dog challenge. Oh, it was on. She got me cheesed, and wanted to take a bite. I loving said; “whatever the girls can do, I can do.” She, rolled her eyes, and my heart, had a role to play; not get my back up. I could see, she must have thought, I was a winner. Well, maybe, perhaps; she thought it. This Hot dog, a real wiener. Yeah, she stepped to me, and I stepped in it. My heart, not letting the love Ketch-up, to my brain. To alleviate, putting my foot in it. So, I checked it; my posture, my attitude. My heart, she may have stolen it. But, I played it cool, and showed her love. I wasn’t, about to let the moment. Become a pickle, in a jar of clay!

This Hot dog, took a stand. Yeah, I was feeling it, the heat. But, with a loving gaze, just smiled. And said, can I have your heart; I mean, your order… boo. And serve it up, with a smile. What-ever, just give me a small fry, guy. I was tempted, but didn’t up sell. Instead, gave it to her, my heart; in my daydream. She paid, left my mind, but not my heart. Afterwards, it dawned on my heart. One plus one, you and me. First impression, less than super fly, in my hat and all. She, probably didn’t remember, a certified hot dog. Her grade, must have been an “A”. Coming in, she certainly didn’t know. McDonalds, had a hot dog… on the menu? Her love, was the vision, in my dreams. Then it happened, a month or so later. She walked, back into my heart, she couldn’t stay away. She got hired, and we lived happily ever after. The end! Well, not quite. First, I had to win, her heart. My hotdogging, wasn’t a nothing burger. Love, there’s no secret to it. Build the layers, and add in substance. How, two hearts, stay in love. Everyday, say can my love, serve you? Thirty five years later, the order of the day. Her love, my heart, together forever. With every visit, in our daily encounter. There will never be, any false advertising. Just true love, for a lifetime!

A Memoir, of a storybook encounter. Dear, memoir. This entry, about the encounter, at my hot dog stand. It was, the summer of 86. When, her heart levanted, into Mickey D’s. She was looking, but not expecting. That a hot dog, would be on the menu. She was fly, and so was I. A well dressed, Big Mac… daddy, for our future kids. She stepped to me, with her sassy smile. It registered, with my heart. I returned a smile, and said to her; welcome, to my heart. Her love, and my heart. We hit it off, from the jump. Profound ooks were exchanged, with some back and forth. Her love, was dancing with my heart. She rolled her eyes, she surely much have thought? Oh boy, isn’t he something. Yeah, sweet and sour, that was the flavor flave. But, my kind of sweet talking; it needed work. Yeah, but tongue and cheek, it enhances a delightful encounter. A tasteful love, becomes deeper, lasting, with a bit of humorous expressions. Through the years, nostalgic memories. Remnants, of a hot dog stand… off. My heart, will never leave her hungry, for love. Just frank, further to the point. Let our hearts, be exposed, for the world to see!

I hope, you all enjoyed this storybook. A true story, of what happened. When my wife and I, first met. I was working at McDonald’s, when she came into my line. Back then, the guys worked in kitchen, and the the ladies worked up front, except for me. She questioned me, the back and forth. She rolled her eyes, left the restaurant with her order. A month or so later, she got hired. She said, I was arrogant, and wanted nothing to do with me. Thirty five years later, the storybook is not romance. But in love, for a lifetime!


Fun Friday; Things!

Loneliness, and heartache, it’s a real ting. Sometimes, the phone doesn’t ring. Leaving you to go, through the warm summer days wondering. Will the bee string, will the dogs bite? Will another lockdown, leave you feeling sad? Just, simply remember your favorite things. And the perspective, won’t be so bad. The raindrops on roses, the ticklish whiskers on kittens. Let’s your soul, beat the humdrum. Make some tea, in your bright copper kettle. When the door rings, grab your favorite warm woolen mittens. Outside, your Amazon brown paper packages, tied up with string. For some, these are a few, of your favorite things. Like riding the merry go round, on your favorite cream colored ponies. With a tasty, crisp apple strudels. Soon, winter will be here. With more door bells, and sleigh bells. A time, to make some schnitzel with noodles. But first, let your heart bask in the colorful, the autumn hue!

September, oh October. Your dazzling display, captures the imagination. The crimson muse, radiant with the colors of love. The breadth, makes the soul soar. Your heart having wings, like wild geese, flying with the moon on their wings. These, a few of life’s favorite things. Girls in white dresses, tied with blue satin sashes. Daydreaming, of all the snowflakes, that stay on the nose, and eyelashes. The silver white winters, they melt into spring. The season has changed, part of your favorite things. A well dressed up status, just a cling, accessorized with bling. But, it won’t benefit the heart, it’s a fleeting thing. Instead, let your heart be captivated, with a heartfelt love. What a joy it would bring, to have your honeybun. Your sugar and tea, double, double. The love better, better; with flavor, flavor. To help, take away the sting, and make the heart sing. When, the dog bites, if the bee stings. Your soul, remembering one thing. Let your heart love, and dance. The hills are alive, with the sound of music!


Fun Friday; My Main Squeeze!

Love, tell it to my heart. How long has it been, since you’ve had a squeeze; that took the breath? Probably too long, say goodbye, to yesterday. Love in action, indeed; never just words. Love, what will tangibly be; not just refreshing, but a lasting fragrance. There you are, and here my heart goes again. Make this love, more than just a feeling. Every morning, I rub the sleep, from the crevices of my heart. I won’t allow anything, to obstruct the view. I need, the sweet taste of love, to be another daydream. My, my, my; good morning sunshine. Your love, a sight for sore eyes. My heart woke up, with this in my soul; you’ve got to, kiss an angel good morning. My main squeeze, every day. I’m going to squeeze you right, hold the breadth tight. Let every bit of the love, seep into the depth of the day. My hope, hearts don’t get it twisted. A watered down love, could never be as sweet, yet to become truly refreshing. You have to toast the day, let the love within turn, over easy. To feel the true taste of love, there needs to be a yearning. Don’t just feel it, you have to know it. What truly makes love, tasteful. Passion is a fruit, desire the essence. Squeeze out every ounce, even the smallest drips, should never go to waste. Make love be about freshly, not about fleshly!

Though the mind may stray, let the heart lead the way, so the love can sway. Press in, and the love will flow. Don’t be swayed, to not let the cup overflow. Cast your gaze, towards your buttercup. True love in bloom, becomes a gentle flower. Love, on the tip of your lips. May be, just love on the brain. The heart not knowing the moment, it reached depth of soul. In the warmth, of a summertime breeze. Before, you pour out your heart. Take the time, to stir up the love… sugar free. Deep love, meant to be stirred, never shaken… by a bitter taste. A breathless love, will produce its own natural sweetness. Make every moment, be a fresh encounter. Let the focus be, not state of mind, but the state of your heart, and soul; in love forever. There’s nothing like a fresh squeeze of love, to start the day. A daily kiss upon my soul, what gets my heart juiced. Knowing the kind of love, my soul gets to enjoy. The tasteful love, of a good woman, with the wings of an angel. A freshly squeezed, glass of orange juice. Could never replace, My Main Squeeze!


Fun Friday; My Delightful Treat!

Some people, have a favorite ice cream, a favorite pizza. My heart, likes the taste of my sweetest candy… girl. My sweet-heart, needs loving that’s better, than cookies… with cream. Wrapped up, in a royal twist; a sweet Nubian flavor. My honey, bee a natural. She’s my D.Q, my Darling Queen. The sunshiny love, that melts the heart. I would go bananas, if even death; made us split, love is forever. When the day, tries to steal the sweetness. No bitter feelings, touches my lips. The love, will forever touch my soul. The ticket, that takes our hearts, back on the love merry go; in our love playground. A spoon full of her sugar, makes the tough love medicine… go down. Every season, her love’s a crackling fire. Together, we keep the heart from lazing, and the love blazing. At times, the love is questioned. But, I will never give her a reason, to ever question my heart. A rose, by any other name. Would still be a heart, that rose every morning. To find the love, just as sweet. A heart and soul, loved by the maker, of all things delightful. The true breadth of love, will nibble methodically. Not around the edges, but be consumed to the depth. My buttercup, my chocolate love. Reached for my heart, to taste how sweet. Only to find out, baked with butter. The creator, made love to be… the greatest pleasure, with nothing missing. The deeper the love, the greater the enjoyment, and the expectation. So the soul, can savor the warmth, all the crimson delight. My eyes, could have on blinders. But, it wouldn’t make my heart, see it differently. The deepest love, becomes a vision. For what, eyes can never fathom. I don’t, indulge in bland love. For my heart, there would be no appeal. My desire, steeped within the greatest pleasure. A tasty love, that will affords your heart, such comfort. Food for the soul, that will replenish, a deeper need. A love to forever be, endless. My Delightful Treat. Created, from the true heart of love!


Fun Friday; The Love Playground!

Sweet Lady, you parked your love; unparalleled, at the center of my soul. Together we enter, into the gates of our forever, a real love playground. You, untied your heart, let loose your love. To let the tender moments, run wild and free, throughout my soul. The beauty, stunningly looking indeed. To take me by the heart, to intentionally touch my soul. Your love, whispers in my soul, talks to my heart, walks sweetly through my thoughts. Girl, no need to play games. Our hearts will grow old, love will be the muse. Forever will be the prize, laugher the amusement. Two hearts, frolicking through the sands of time. This life, the ride will surely be the rise, and fall; all the ups and downs. If your heart, ever gets scared? Don’t hesitate, to lay your head on my heart; your fears on my shoulders. My love, will be by your side. Your heart, I won’t let it go… alone, through the twist and turns. Hold tight to my words, until the emotional roller coaster, becomes just another faded feeling. Cotton candy girl, honey your sweet love. My, romantic stroll through your heart. To see if the roses are red, and if violets take the blues. For your sweetness, by any other name. Would still be, a time to indulge; in the sweetest moments. The reminiscing, the story of our life. Playing out, in our love playground!

So babe, for another thirty three years; let’s hop back on our favorite merry-go-round. Our lives revolving, the story of our love evolving. Around and around, that’s how our heart goes. When will the love stop, only heaven knows. Spoiler alert, there’s absolutely no chance. My heart, will ever get off this wonderful ride. A soul, will only know waves of glory. When the love, overtakes like a crimson tide. Love, doesn’t have to be giddy, to be lasting. But true, for it to be forever. Just, like a Ferris wheel. Let my heart, represent a higher love. The view breathtaking, a soul never wanting to take, eyes off your heart. Girl, the stars could fall from your eyes, and my heart, would still see how your love shines. My heart, will hang on to your love. As if, for my dearest life. A heart and soul, blown again and again. On, the ultimate love playground. Just, like a seesaw. When, love brings your heart up, sometimes; you don’t want to come down. The times when, the relationship becomes a rocky road; we make the taste like ice cream. Two scoops, shares better when it’s one heartbeat. How, about teeter-tottering together, for the remaining days. Being young at heart, just a state, never the debate. We don’t let fate, dictate how the love will play. Our hearts hanging out, on the Love Playground!