When I See You Smile!

Love, when see you smile, my soul feels the wonder. I could never, my heart would never make it through the day. If there’s was no way, no way for my soul to embrace, the warmth within your smile. The light, illuminates my heart, magnifies my being. My soul you own, my heart you hold, my love you have, my gaze you capture, my breath you take. There no reason, no way I would ever need, to breaking free. Whenever, life wants my heart to give up, quit the fight. Your smile, reaches through the darkness, to smiles like you do; amazingly. My worth is known, because you give my heart words, make my soul sing. When I see you smile, I know can face my fears. One look, my heart is melting. One kiss, my soul is soaring. One touch, my mind is blown. How just a smile, can make everything alright. To face every tomorrow, with love, and humility. Love, how do you do, what you do? Keep my heart smiling, keep my soul dancing? Make my heart a canvas, painted with your smile. Make my soul a mirror, reflections of your love. When the rain falls, the reign is revealed. A touching love story, will make the tears fall. Profound love, like a blossoming meadow smiling, a deep crimson hue. Love, you’re my ray of light, peering through the madness. My expression, the feeling, resonating deep inside. Every twinkle, every subtle grin, my beaming love. The undeniable bliss, when I See You Smile!


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