The Influencer!

Love, has an effect, love has a voice, to let the heart be heard. Love, puts words in your mouth, leave an impression on the heart. Love, in a careless whisper, can never resoundingly influence. Truth reveals, the heart concedes, when love is released. Love questions the heart, but won’t inhibit the soul. Love is a display, “in beautiful rich metaphors.” Words resonate, from a heart in these; “Uniquely times.” According to Me, a heart attaining a milestone, has ten thousand reasons to celebrate. Love looking into the heart, will gain an unobstructed view, what’s in a passionate soul. A Restored Heart, says; “And still we rise, the perfectly imperfect us.” Every woman, her love is endearing. So therefore, why shouldn’t her heart, be loved unconditionally? Life’s Fine Whine, a influencer to 24k hearts. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. 30k, will see you in what’s to come. My Inspired Life, feels how; “doses of love lifts the spirits,” in a manicure heart. A heart, Created by Design says; “that’s a beautiful love.” Hearts of a feather, tethered by the inspired Word!

Grace of the Sun, a heart enlightened to know; “love doesn’t recede, it precedes.” A poet in the light, not effected by darkness. A Poet of the Light, a heart shining beautifully; influenced by the light within. Beauty in My Language, a heart seeking not just influence, but lead by example. A changed heart, knowing to effect change; there has to be a rebirth. Love’s influences large, when a Shorty spice, shares the love in a big heart. We all the potential, to have an effect on. A heart positioned, to influence the perception, shape the conversation, empower the destination. My friends, when your heart needs love, hold out your soul, and touch love. Love is in the air, every where you look around. Influencing love, not about pretty words, but the genuineness, in the words spoken. Love bubbling up, spills because the heart is full. How incredible, how undeniable to know. Monumental love, the pillar in profound influence given. Love will always articulates, the heartfelt expressions, into poetic hues!


13 thoughts on “The Influencer!

  1. What a lovely way to stream such beauty together and appreciate our blogging community Richard. I’m so touched and honored you mentioned me amongst our talented friends. Thank you so much as you light up our page daily. 💖🙏🌹

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