Inside Out!

A heart is built, from within. A strong foundation, built from the ground up. Hope builds, faith strengthens, love is shaped, by design. From the inside out, you open up your heart, the window to your soul. Inside myself, a place where I once lived. Some time ago, a silent river, ran through the heart of a child. In the depth, love was being created, worth endearingly fashioned. Inside myself, the place my heart felt safe. Until love broke down the walls, to let vulnerability shows. Love profoundly restores, a soul is built, the inside out. For, a heart is not a home, if your soul isn’t in it. Even with a light, a heart can be just a fixture. Even in the light, a soul can hide in the shadows. Love builds, so many beautiful stories. Beliefs are formed, confidence molded, words constructed. Love is made stronger, not built on a premise. True beauty accentuates, inside out. Custom made, my heart for love, with a built-in desire. A soul painted, in a vibrant hue. At home, within yourself, heartbeats in rhythm, while time moves every encounter. Living is loving the moments, reflections of love, shining on the inside… out. An outer expression, the revealed texture of a heart, inside out!


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