Fun Friday; Honey, “I” Do!

If you asked, a Newly married man, in the honeymoon stage; who’s the boss, in the relationship? He would lovingly say; “we both are, 50/50 love.” But, when the honeymoon is over, the pledge will surely be; my love forever, a day, then comes the “Honey-Do.” The list, the top ten ways, the love becomes complete. It’s at that very moment, he begins to realizes; “who the boss really is, “Love.” For love makes you do, endearing love has an undeniable name. Some say, the characteristic that best describes, “She.” When she takes the “I,” out of Honey (I) Do. Everyone knows, they no “I,” in team… work; every team, knows love is the true motivator. And every man should understand, “her sharing, is caring, in a happy life.” Yes, love definitely has a name; “He,” and he shouldn’t mind, to receive all the love, in her heart. His complete(d) love, what tells her; honey I do, love you. And absolutely he should, do whatever it takes, to show how profound, her love is. What he forgets, she reminds; I will have your back… next week, another love letter. After all, she truly deserves it, have all his love; just saying. So men, just get it… done. It doesn’t matter, how many days it takes, how many weekends you give up. Love’s about giving, your devotion, your heart and soul. Men, love doesn’t procrastinate, it’s an act, moved by your motion. For, if your list could talk, you would hear it say; hey you, complete me. Men, whenever the love of your life, ask for all your heart, give it! For it will tell her, how much you relish the I do, love you. And, when it all said and done, tell it to her heart; honey, I am complete, your love completes me!


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