Love, Oh Love!

Love, oh love. Today, every day, there’s this feeling, invading my thoughts. Asking but telling, my breath will be taken. Love, oh love, there’s this smile, with a confident grin. Again tomorrow, my thoughts will be invaded, my heart will again be stirred. Oh love, in this feeling, there’s no subtlety, no remorse. In the taking, and my heart giving. Love, oh love, tell me; what should I do? When the mind acts a fool, but your heart says it’s cool? We’ve all been there, it’s not a foolish heart, when the feeling is profound. Love, is it silly to think, when you run into love’s fire, the flames won’t chase after your heart, to become a soul consumed. Love, oh Love, what do you do? When you’re confronted, by the emotion, sometimes called desire, some define it as passion. Perhaps, no I’m truly convinced; it becomes a mutual understanding; within heart and soul. The feeling, pushing you to be, pressing your confidence to become, devoted affection. The inexhaustible tendencies, more than reactional, the shaping of the characteristics. Love, oh Love, this feeling; it’s like waves crashing, the breathtaking, the drowning, in an ocean. What do you do, when the feeling says; there’s no catch, no strings. But yet, you give your everything… willingly, with no prenuptial. Love, oh Love, what’s a heart to do? When it’s you, Love; when you’re the feeling, making me absolutely complaisant, in this heartfelt tale!


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