Love, is That You?

Love, is that you, knocking at my heart? Is that your presence, peering into my soul? Is that you, in plain sight, waiting to take my breath? Is that you I feel, pressing up against my soul? Is it your allure, persuading my every heartbeat? Is it your breadth, breathing life into my soul? Is it your light, dancing within my gaze. Is it your smile, shining like the morning sun? Is it your hue, hovering so close to my heart? Is that your fragrance, lingering throughout the day? Is that your warmth, moving within every gentle breeze? Is it your voice, whispering within the stillness, speaking into my soul? Are you the endearing words, changing my perspective? Is the love I know a dream, or is it you awakening, provoking my endless daydreams? Are you the waves, the emotions crashing against my heart? Love, oh love, you must be an ocean, making every drowning breathlessly? Are you the pebble skimming, stirring my silent river, to become your deep river? Is it your peace, invading my thoughts? Are you the gentle nudge, pushing to know, the strength of my love? Are you the laugh, echoing within my joy? Are you the freedom, walking throughout my soul? Are you the song, playing the perfect melody? Are you the love, within my story, the word written upon my heart? Are you the spark, igniting love’s deepening passion? Are you the seed, embedded deep within my being? Are you the timeless flower, the love petals falling along my most intimate path? Are you the wings, making my soul soar. Are you the mist, making the rain fall from my eyes? Is it you that made, my heart beat for first time? Are you the thunder, beating within my chest? Love, my soul knows it’s You, but sometimes it seems. I’m getting to see, how you engage a heart, like it’s the very first time!


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